Men and women can choose from a wide selection of Hublot watches. The Art of Fusion is an integral part of this brand’s success. The fusion of materials provides the watch with its unique design and is an excellent example of the brand’s dynamism. This watch’s Caliber HUB 4700 is powered by a quartz movement and measures its time using the latest in Hublot technology.

Hublot’s strength is the Art of Fusion

The Hublot Big Bang is arguably the brand’s poster boy, and for a good reason: Its uncompromising proportions, flashy bling, and modular case parts are hard to ignore. In addition, the brand has forged high-profile partnerships, such as with professional soccer teams Paris Saint-Germain and Ferrari. While the Big Bang is a classic, it’s also a great example of the brand’s diversity.

Hublot’s collaborations with contemporary artists are one of its greatest strengths. This artful approach to design has resulted in countless fusions with other artists, from renowned musicians to famous pop artists. Throughout the years, Hublot has collaborated with artists to create a range of unique pieces that showcase their work. The collaboration between Hublot and Shepard Fairey is one example of how artists have been able to express themselves through the material, colour, and design of Hublot timepieces.

The Art of Fusion has also played an important role in Hublot’s evolution as a company. Since its founding in 1980, the company has been able to merge forward-thinking design with classic horology. Their Art of Fusion range is an example of their avant-garde approach to materials, with materials such as carbon, ceramic, and rubber.

The Big Bang was one of Hublot’s greatest hits from Art of Fusion. It featured sharp angles, six polished and blocked screws on the bezel, and a composite black insert. This watch won a number of design awards and confirmed the brand’s position as a perennial disruptor.

In addition to its many collaborations with artists, Hublot’s success in the luxury watch market is also the result of the brand’s fusion of two disparate materials. In 1980, Hublot was the first luxury watch brand to fuse gold and rubber. This innovation revolutionized the watchmaking industry and launched the Art of Fusion.

Complications are another area where Hublot has become highly involved. The brand recently acquired BNB Concept, a company known for its exotic complications. This acquisition resulted in the creation of a new department dedicated to assembling these complicated pieces. The new division includes over 30 watchmakers and limits output to 500 watches each year. This department also works with the R&D team to create new movements and complications.

Sport is another important aspect in Hublot’s marketing strategy. The company has forged strong partnerships with top sports legends such as Usain Bolt and Pele. The brand is also active in promoting environmental protection. Its factory includes two recharging stations and photovoltaic solar panels for electricity. In addition, Hublot maintains eleven beehives to promote regional pollination. Ajax and Juventus have also partnered with the brand.

The company’s founder Carlo Crocco aims to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of mastering time. He subsequently recruited the legendary horological innovator Jean-Claude Biver as its Chairman.

Hublot’s rubber wristband

The Big Bang is the latest addition to the Hublot collection, and has become the brand’s most popular timepiece. The Big Bang is a bold, yet refined design, and is available in a variety of materials. Available in a number of price ranges, the watch starts at just $6,826, and goes as high as $65,500. It has a range of colors and finishes, from rubber to gold.

Hublot was founded by Carlo Crocco, and has since been one of the most recognizable brands in the world. He revolutionized the watchmaking industry by producing the first luxury timepieces to use caoutchouc, a natural rubber material. The result was a watch that felt sportier than the competition, yet had all of the technological characteristics of a luxury timepiece. A list of celebrities, including Jay-Z and Prince Albert of Monaco, have worn Hublot watches.

Caliber HUB 4700

The Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang is an elegant and sporty timepiece with a ceramic case, brushed ceramic bezel with ridged edge and blue composite resin inserts. The dial is blue with luminous hands and hour markers. The case is also waterproof to 100 meters or 330 feet.