The Hublot Big Bang was designed to celebrate Hublot’s heritage as a luxury sports brand. This timepiece features a non-oxidizing 316L type steel case and uses a 3-hand clock with day/date display.

Hublot started as a luxury sports watch

Hublot started as a luxury sports watch and quickly grew in popularity, focusing on high-end sports watches and limited edition watches. The brand has partnered with various sports teams and sporting figures for limited-edition models. In 2009, the brand opened a new manufacture in Nyon, near Geneva, and introduced its first in-house movement – the UNICO. This movement features a column-wheel on the dial side and signaled a new level of independence. Hublot has remained focused on expanding its in-house watchmaking expertise and can now provide more complex movements than ever before.

In addition to making watches for athletes, Hublot also produces luxury timepieces that are designed for everyday use. The company’s original Hublot watch was designed by Jean-Francois Crocco, who was an avid sailor and wanted to build a luxury sports watch brand that revolved around water. Because of this, he decided to forgo using leather and metal straps and instead opted for rubber. This led to the iconic Big Bang and other models that were based on this design.

The name “Hublot” was derived from the French word for “porthole.” The original Hublot model featured a gold case and rubber strap. This combination was novel at the time and quickly caught on in the mainstream. Later, Hublot started producing chronographs and diver’s watches. The name, which originated from the French word for “porthole,” became a brand trademark for the company.

As the world’s best-selling sports watch, the Hublot has a history of innovation and style. It’s not only made sports watches, but also created innovative pieces using unconventional materials. The brand’s new Magic Gold timepiece, for instance, is the world’s first scratch-proof 18-k gold alloy. Other materials used in Hublot watches include titanium, magnesium and aluminium. The brand’s timepieces are also known for their high precision.

It became a timepiece for an active lifestyle

The design and materials of Hublot watches are not ordinary. They combine non-oxidizing materials with medical grade steel. The result is scratch-proof, durable, and versatile. The company also creates new precious alloys and revolutionary composites in-house. These materials help Hublot develop more sophisticated watches that resist corrosion and withstand daily wear and tear. In addition, Hublot watches are easy to decorate with subtle alternating finishes.

It has a 3-hands chronograph

This Hublot Big Bang chronograph watch has a 38mm case and diamond studded bezel. It is equipped with the HUB1145 self-winding chronograph movement. It also features a date window between the four and five o’clock markers. The case and bezel are both made of rose gold.

Hublot is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded by Carlo Crocco. He spent years researching and designing the Hublot line. He even invented the first natural rubber strap in watchmaking history. He also named his brand Hublot, which means “porthole” in French. Hublot’s unusual combination of materials resulted in a line of watches that sold for two million dollars in their first year.

The Big Bang collection features a combination of elegant and sporty designs with an industrial feel. This particular watch has a 42-hour power reserve, three chronograph sub-dials, and rhodium-plated hands. This watch features a white dial with a date display window.

It has a Meca-10 movement

The Hublot Big Bang series features high-performance, sporty, and elegant designs. This 38mm ladies with diamond timepiece has a Meca-10 movement and a white structured rubber strap. The skeleton dial is adorned with three chronograph sub-dials and a date display window. Its three chronograph sub-dials are equipped with luminescent hands.

Initially, Hublot’s designs were geared towards a more active lifestyle than a traditional cufflink. The Big Bang was not intended to be worn with a tuxedo, so it was not the best choice for a cufflink. Nevertheless, it caused a lot of attention because of its bold designs and aggressive pricing strategy. The Hublot brand even began offering one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions.